Quality Artemisinin

As a leader in the field of nutritional supplements, and as a company whose products are regarded as the "Gold Standard" in the industry, we are familiar with small competitors making groundless attacks against us.

"I have been very impressed by the efforts of ARG to perform both purity analysis and activity analysis on its artemisinin. For me, it was not even necessary, since I had already observed the awesome clinical efficacy of the product in patient after patient. I am grateful that this product is available and at a most reasonable price." - Robert Jay Rowen, M.D., Editor-in-Chief, Second Opinion

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It's time to set the record straight:

Allergy Research Group has sold quality artemisinin for more than a decade, long before the surge of recent interest in artemisinin. With Artemisinin, our Quality Control department assays the raw material and the finished product, using HPLC - every batch. We have also studied aging effects on Artemsinin. We supply lab results on request.

We take our responsibility to all our customers very seriously. For instance, thousands of doctors and their patients use our products. Since 1979, our customers have relied upon us for safe and effective nutritional supplements.

Allergy Research Group Artemisinin:

  • Is United Nations approved material, used by the European Union in Africa
  • Has independent potency assays done on every batch, using HPLC
  • Has every batch documented
  • Has a LOW price because of our volume and long-term buying

In addition, Allergy Research Group:

  • Has been setting the standard for quality in nutritional supplements since 1979
  • Supplies thousands of doctors with products to support the health of their patients
  • Has sold Artemisinin for 10 years
  • Is NOT a front company set up within the last year to market Artemisinin with extravagant - and unverified - claims about quality
"I am extremely satisfied with the superb quality of your product and the excellent clinical results we witness daily from its use." - Christopher Deatherage, N.D., Brush Creek Naturopathic Health Center, Drury, MO

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Unsubstantiated and unprovable statements?

Anybody can make a claim, "Ours is the best." But - do they make available their test results? Do they assay every batch?

We have actual research and clinical reports

Clinicians report that ARG artemisinin is well tolerated, with the impression of fewer reports of nausea and GI discomfort than the leading compound mixtures. After trying several brands of artemisinin, they tell us they have standardized on the ARG material.

Here are the results of an independent test of the cytotoxicity of our artemisinin compared to the accepted standard:

Allergy Research Artemisinin vs Sigma at 96 hours:


And here's the written summary of the researchers:

ARG Artemisinin matches control

Performed by Xiaolong Meng and Jie Zhong at The Center for Improvement of Human Functioning International, Inc., Wichita, Kansas, 08/20/2002

Objective: Test the cytotoxicity for Allergy Research Group and Sigma-Aldrich artemisinin on two transformed cell lines (HL-60 and K562).

Method: Incubate cells with artemisinin at four concentrations (1, 10, 50, 200 µM). Artemisinin concentration in control samples is 0 (samples with no artemisinin added). Read plate at 0, 1, 2, 6, 24 and 96 hours and calculate the cell inhibitions.

Results: Before 24 hours, the cell inhibitions had poor dose response. The longer the incubation, the higher the cell inhibition. The highest cell inhibition was at 96 hours at the artemisinin concentration 200 µM. Compare to control, at 96 hours and 200 µM, ARG artemisinin reached the inhibition of 20% and 59%, while Sigma Artemisinin reached 17% and 51% for HL-60 and K562 lymphoma cell lines, respectively.

Summary: Both Artemisinins showed higher sensitivity to K562 cells than to HL-60 cells. Allergy Research Group artemisinin and Sigma-Aldrich artemisinin were similar in their cytotoxic activities.

Unsurpassed Quality and Effectiveness at a LOW price

Please don't be misled by claims that higher price means higher quality. Allergy Research Group Artemisinin is extensively tested. Since 1979, we've been leading the way with innovation and quality.

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