The Trophoblast & the Origins of Cancer #79109

The Trophoblast & the Origins of Cancer


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The Trophoblast & the Origins of Cancer: One solution to the medical enigma of our time, by Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD and Linda L. Isaacs, MD, reveals how more than 100 years ago, the English scientist Dr. John Beard uncovered not only the likely origins of cancer but also its solution. Dr. Gonzalez explains Dr. Beard’s underlying theory from the perspective of contemporary molecular biology and explores Dr. Beard’s pioneering use of pancreatic enzymes for cancer treatment. This book also showcases a series of case histories from the files of Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Isaacs.

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ISBN: 978-0-9821965-0-2
Paperback: 220 pages including references and index
Full color illustrations
Product dimensions: 7 x 10 inches

Table of Contents Page
Acknowledgements ix
PART I: The Trophoblast as Metaphor for Cancer 1
Introduction to Part I 3
Chapter 1: Trophoblast Implantation—an Overview 5
Chapter 2: The Molecular Biology of the Trophoblast 27
Chapter 3: Trophoblast Invasion, Migration, and Angiogenesis 35
Chapter 4: The Trophoblast Is Cancer 53
Chapter 5: Germ Cells and Stem Cells: Proof for Dr. Beard? 69
Conclusion to Part I 91
PART II: The History of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer 93
Introduction to Part II 95
Chapter 6: From Fish to Trophoblast 99
Chapter 7: The Trophoblast and the Pancreas 111
Chapter 8: Pancreatic Enzymes During Fetal Life 117
Chapter 9: The Evolution of Enzyme Treatment 123
Chapter 10: Oral Versus Injectable Preparations 139
Chapter 11: The Stability of Oral Enzyme Preparations 149
Chapter 12: Active Enzyme Versus Precursor: Which Works Best Against Cancer? 155
Conclusion to Part II 161
Appendix 1: My Review of Kelley (By Dr. Gonzalez) 163
Appendix 2: Four Kelley Patients (By Dr. Gonzalez) 167
Appendix 3: Our Recent Practice Experience with Enzyme Therapy (By Dr. Gonzalez) 177
Appendix 4: Eight Cases from Our Files (By Dr. Gonzalez) 183
References 205
Index 213

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