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Liver Support

The liver is a complex organ with a variety of functions. It plays a major role in the detoxification of both endotoxins (metabolically produced toxins) and xenobiotics (environmental toxins). Detoxification is a process involving several different organs and occurs primarily in the liver where toxins, chemicals, cholesterol and fat-soluble toxins are filtered from the blood, using enzymes and the synthesis and secretion of bile. The following products generally support the phase I and phase II functions of liver detoxification. In phase I, toxins are neutralized or transformed into intermediates which are then neutralized by the phase II enzymes. In phase II, metabolic chemicals are enzymatically attached (conjugation) to the toxins which are then either neutralized or more easily excreted in the bile and urine. The liver’s ability to detoxify potentially harmful substances is directly related to optimal health.* * These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Acetyl-Glutathione 100 mg 60 Scored Tablets #56430
A novel oral acetyl-glutathione that is stable in the stomach and GI tract and well absorbed.*
Acetyl-Glutathione 300 mg 60 Scored Tablets #57060
A novel oral acetyl-glutathione that is stable in the stomach and GI tract and well absorbed.*
ALA Release Lipoic Complex 60 Tablets #56330
An alpha-lipoic acid complex, containing alpha-lipoic acid, R-alpha-lipoic acid, biotin, and calcium.
Glutathione Complex 90 Tabs #52640
L-Glutathione (reduced), N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and Lipoic Acid, with supportive nutrients.
Glutathione with Vitamin C 60 Vegetarian Caps #50140
Reduced glutathione, a thiol antioxidant, and ascorbate, a major water-phase antioxidant.
L-Methionine 500 Mg 100 Vegetarian Caps #50610
L-methionine is an essential sulfur-bearing amino acid. Free form amino acid, high purity, well tolerated.
Liver Beef Natural Glandular 125 Vegicaps #50470
High quality liver natural glandular. Lyophilized.
NAC Enhanced Antioxidant Formula 90 tablets #55960
Enhanced antioxidant formula containing amino acids, nucleic acid, and lipoic acid.
Phosphatidyl Choline 100 Softgels #52240
Phosphatidylcholine, a primary component of lecithin.
Phyllanthus Complex 120 Vegetarian Caps #50750
Contains Phyllanthus amarus, milk thistle seed extract, and dandelion root.
TMG Trimethylglycine 100 Vegetarian Capsules #53230
TMG assists homocysteine to be metabolized into methionine, supporting DMG and 5-MTHF.*
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