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Bioflavonoids are important nutritional factors, and are part of just about every plant on Earth. They are important protective factors and regulatory factors in plant metabolism, and from their widespread distribution are likely to have been an integral part of the human diet ever since humans appeared. They are potent antioxidants, and many also display metal binding activity, a property which may contribute to their antioxidant effects. Of the 4,000 plus bioflavonoids known, a number of classes have been distinguished which differ in bioavailability, in antioxidant potency, and in overall safety profile.* * These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Grape Seed Extract Proanthocyanidins 90 Vegetarian Capsules #51480
Flavonol proanthocyanidin extract from grape seeds.
Lutein 20 Mg 60 Softgels #54600
Lutein belongs to the carotenoid family of antioxidants.
Pycnogenol® 100 30 Vegetarian Capsules #57270
The original French maritime pine bark extract.
Quercetin 300 60 Vegetarian Caps #50060
Quercetin derived from a non-citrus plant source, stabilized with additional antioxidants.*
Quercetin Bioflavonoids 100 Vegetarian Caps #50050
Quercetin extracted from a non-citrus source and other bioflavonoids extracted from lemon.
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