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   Press Releases 2008


NutriCology® Introduces Sécuril® - A Novel Propionic Bacteria that Renews Bifidus & Protects the Gut*

ALAMEDA, California, USA, December 1, 2008—NutriCology®, Inc. today announced the release of Sécuril®, an exciting new probiotic/prebiotic innovation for gut health.*

Sécuril® contains a special probiotic bacteria found in food called Propionibacterium freudenreichii (PF), which provides a proven bifidobacteria growth factor called DHNA (1,4-dihydroxy-2-napthoic acid). 

Sécuril® represents a new alternative to bifidobacteria supplements. Bifidobacteria are the predominant flora of the large intestine, and the healthy human gut hosts a very personal profile of bifidobacteria strains. Each person possesses a unique combination of these strains for optimal health. Bifidus supplements currently on the market can’t duplicate the mixture of strains that nature has endowed for each person. Sécuril® is the only probiotic formula that helps the body optimize its own unique blend of bifidobacteria.*

Another benefit of Sécuril® is that it produces short chain fatty acids. These fatty acids, including propionic acid, have powerful protective effects in the intestinal tract.* Propionic acid can also serve as food for bifidobacteria.

Research done in Japan demonstrated that PF enhances gut motility, increases bifidobacteria, and lowers putrefactive by-products of digestion.* In other research, four out of five subjects who started the study with either diarrhea or constipation, wished to continue taking PF.*

Sécuril® promotes normal bowel transit times, and helps balance and normalize overall bowel function.*

To learn more about NutriCology® and Sécuril®, visit

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NutriCology® Introduces Phloe™ - Natural Kiwifruit Extract Promotes Gut Health with Triple-Action Zyactinase™*

ALAMEDA, California, USA, December 1, 2008—NutriCology®, Inc. today announced the release of Phloe™, an exciting new probiotic/prebiotic innovation for gut health.*

Phloe™ is a 100% natural Kiwi fruit extract that is clinically shown to support regularity and long term digestive health.* With a unique triple action, Phloe™ combines naturally occurring enzymes, prebiotics, and fiber to support both short-term and long-term digestive function.*

Kiwi fruit possesses the unique ability to regenerate its cells. The enzyme complex responsible, called Zyactinase™, also interacts with receptors in human gut-lining cells. Thus, Zyactinase™ supports regeneration of gut-lining cells, as well as enhanced gut lining protection and increased gut motility.*

Phloe™ also provides unique prebiotic activity. Prebiotics are substances that act as food for bacteria inside the gut. Gut bacteria play a major role in maintaining good digestion and overall health. Phloe™ has the unique ability to selectively feed bacteria known to enhance a healthy gut.* This is an advantage over most other prebiotics which feed bacteria indiscriminately.

The fiber in Phloe™ provides bulk and adds moisture to the stool, which helps it move through the digestive tract more comfortably.*

Phloe™ provides all three of these components, and promotes a mild softening of the stool in a gentle and sustained manner.* Phloe™ has a “normalizing” effect on the bowel, so it can be used long term and will continue to gently support motility without over-stimulation.* Even at high doses, it does not cause diarrhea, urgency or cramping.* Often significant benefits occur within the first few days of consumption of Phloe™.*

Extensive toxicological and safety testing has shown that Phloe™ is extremely safe for humans. It is not recommended for those with Kiwi allergy.

NutriCology’s Phloe™ is the first Zyactinase™ supplement sold in the U.S. market.

To learn more about NutriCology® and Phloe™, visit

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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