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   Vitamin C Cassava Source Update

To Our Valued NutriCology Customers, December 1, 2013   

After several promising leads turned out to not meet our Quality standards, we finally have found a reliable and confirmed supplier of Cassava-sourced vitamin C. We now offer again both Buffered Vitamin C and Pure Vitamin C, in both powder form and capsules. For product information, please see our Vitamin C category.

Thank you for your patience and your support of NutriCology.




To Our Valued NutriCology Customers, September 25, 2013   

We wish to update our loyal customers awaiting news on our Vitamin C Cassava Source product availability.

Over the past several months we have made numerous attempts to secure a reliable and on-going supply of cassava source vitamin C.  We have been in contact with all our current ingredient suppliers, and we have approached new potential global suppliers, but regrettably nobody to-date has been able to fulfill our requirements.

Based on this global cassava source vitamin C supply constraint, we have broadened our search to include other non-corn sources of vitamin C.  At this time we have not identified an acceptable option but we remain committed to finding a solution for our customers who wish to avoid using corn sourced nutrients.

When we locate a reliable and verifiable non-corn derived ingredient supply we will make product available as soon as reasonably possible.  We are unable to provide an estimated date when this may happen at this time, but we will update you periodically on our progress.

Thank you for your patience and your support of NutriCology.





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